Biography of Bruce


At the age of eleven, the last thing on Bruce Williams' mind was becoming the most listened to nighttime radio talk show host in the nation. For an eleven year old, his sights were higher, cashing in on the toy shortage at the tail end of World War II. Melting down lead pipes in the coal furnace in the basement, he cast toy soldiers, painted them and started his first of many enterprises. Since those days of selling toys, Bruce Williams has been a businessman first and foremost, dabbling in just about anything imaginable.

Shortly after his graduation from high school, the Korean conflict began and he decided they couldn't have a party without inviting him. A portion of his Air Force career was served in Korea during the conflict. Upon his return, after several self-employment experiences plus a job or two, he determined that it would be necessary to have some kind of degree and returned to Newark State College in New Jersey (now Kean University) In 1961 he opened a private pre-school named after his children, Lane Robbins, in Somerset, New Jersey. He had a brief excursion into politics between 1967 and 1975, serving on the Franklin Township Council as Councilman, Deputy Mayor and Mayor. After being soundly trounced in an election effort for the General Assembly for the state of New Jersey, Bruce, at that time showing his remarkable sense of timing, ran as a Republican during the Watergate scandal. He says now that he is not even certain he voted for him! As a consequence, he decided to think about other endeavors including radio. In subsequent years he made regular contributions to the fellow who beat him, knowing that he owed him the greatest favor in the world, since had he won the election, radio would not have been part of his life. His career began on WCTC in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and after a time, he moved to WMCA in New York City.

In 1981, NBC entertained the idea of a national nightly package of advice-oriented talk show, and after a long selection process, they settled on Bruce and Sally Jessie Raphael. Bruce handling the more financially oriented issues, and Sally the sex and wine.

About a year into his show, his life and career almost ended when he attempted to abort a landing only to find an few trees in his flight path, Four weeks after the crash, Bruce was again broadcasting, this time from a hospital bed. When asked about that day, Bruce will tell you it was clearly pilot error. Yes, the pilot survived and after several months in and out of hospitals he made a full recovery. Bruce dispensed advice until retiring in March, 2010. Two years later in April, 2012 Bruce came back on the air via podcast.

Bruce now resides north of Tampa, Florida with his wife Susan. With rearing five children under his belt, Matthew, Mark, Robbins, Kelly and Michael, Bruce can relax if he chooses to do so, but just like yesterday, today and tomorrow, he'll do what he does best – hustle. When he chooses to relax, it will be in the Gulf of Mexico on his boat.